Big furniture company adopts DOST-FPRDI spray booth
April 13, 2016

Factory workers at Don Pin Corporation, the country’s leading manufacturer of interior fit-out office furniture, have recently been given the chance to work in a safer workplace.

The company installed in February 2016 a finishing spray booth designed by the DOST-FPRDI which aims to clear the factory of fumes and dust-especially in the sanding and spraying sections.

An effective way of clearing the finishing area of air pollutants is through the use of a spray booth, an enclosed or semi-enclosed area used for the spray painting of fabricated items.

According to DOST-FPRDI’s Engr. Ruben A. Zamora, “The spray booth the Institute designed for Don Pin Corporation comes with a tube-axial blower to exhaust the fumes and a water filtering system to scrub the paint overspray.”

In 1997, FPRDI has already installed 44 units of its wet-type finishing spray booth in the plants of 26 companies nationwide. Adopters have reported positive impacts such as improved process efficiency, product quality, workers’ safety and environmental protection.

Located in Taguig City, Metro Manila, Don Pin Corporation is a member of the Don Pin Group of Companies. It is focused on helping build green and sustainable office environments for both local and multinational companies. It is a founding member of the US Green Building Council and a member of the Philippine Green Building Council. (Rizalina K. Araral, 13 April 2016)#