Korean company adopts DOST-FPRDI light oil-fired dryer
April 13, 2016

A Korean company about to go into exporting cuttlefish bone has found an ally in DOST-FPRDI.

The Cavite-based RTV 586 Trading Inc. is set to use a DOST-FPRDI light oil-fired dryer to dry cuttlefish bone, a dietary supplement for pet birds.

A close relative of squids and octopuses, the cuttlefish is a marine animal that possesses a unique internal shell (or bone) that is rich in calcium, making it an ideal part of pet birds’ diet.

According to DOST-FPRDI’s Ms. Grecelda A. Eusebio, “We helped RTV 586 by doing a drying trial of their cuttlefish bone samples using the Institute’s heat treatment facility, and recommending the most ideal drying settings. Our expert then designed for them a small dryer which will be fueled by light oil or diesel.”

The RTV 586 is set to start drying operations this April to meet the initial order of two tons of dried cuttlefish bone from a client in the United Kingdom. (Rizalina K. Araral& Sarahme Corazon B. Esteban, 13 April 2016)#