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FPRDI takes part in the country’s ecolabelling program
October 24, 2011

Green is the way to go and the Forest Products Research and Development Institute (FPRDI) is doing its share to help in the global effort of “greening the planet”.

One such contribution is FPRDI’s involvement in the national ecolabelling program, which certifies products and services based on environmental standards. Such standards ensure that consumer goods are produced and disposed of using ecologically safe procedures. With this national program, the buying public is guided in choosing products that are environmentally safe.

“FPRDI is part of the program’s Panel Review Committee that developed the product and environmental criteria for fiber cement board (FCB),” said FPRDI’s Mr. Cesar Austria.

“If a particular brand of FCB passed the criteria, then it would be labeled with Green Choice Seal by the Green Choice Philippines, a third party that validates the environmental claims of manufacturers applying for ecolabelling,” added Austria.

Aside from the Panel Review Committee, FPRDI is also part of the Product Evaluators Team for tissue paper and FCB. Last July, Austria and the other members of the team went to Thailand to do an environmental audit of the Thai Olympic Fiber Cement Company which applied for the Philippine Green Choice Seal.

Austria concluded, “As we move towards an economy where more and more consumers prefer the green alternative, we are challenged to develop earth-friendly technologies and patronize eco-labelled products. We are also encouraged to promote ecolabelling by persuading our clientele to apply for the Green Choice Seal to help them market their products.” (Apple Jean C. Martin, 05 October 2011)###