In celebration of the National Science and Technology Week, the DOST-FPRDI will hold “Gubat Talks: A Virtual Presser and Launch of the Bamboo Musical Instruments Website and the Tree Plantation Species Handbook”. The event is on November 25, 2021 (Thursday) at 4PM via Zoom and livestream at DOST-FPRDI Facebook page.

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The event offers information on tree plantation species (TPS) and bamboo as raw material substitutes for traditionally used wood species. The DENR, through Executive Order 23, prohibits the cutting and harvesting of timber in natural and residual forests.

The TPS Handbook details the properties and utilization of select species, which can benefit businesses venturing into furniture production, housing & construction, and other industrial uses such as pulp & paper, veneer and plywood, composite boards, and utility poles.

The Bamboo Musical Instruments (BMI) website, meanwhile, is a repository of BMI photos and videos, documented indigenous groups & commercial makers, bamboo species used, BMI processing technologies and value chain, among others. The website hopes to promote BMI use and production in the country, as well as aid in teaching the instruments to K-12 students. ### (Apple Jean C. Martin-de Leon, 12 November 2021)