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Viewers from all over the country were recently treated to a morning of ethnic music and cultural appreciation thru DOST-Forest Products Research and Development Institute’s (DOST-FPRDI) “Musika ng Kawayan, Yaman ng Bayan” virtual concert.

One of the featured activities in this year’s NSTW, the concert showcased Filipino talents from across the country, putting the spotlight on locally-made bamboo musical instruments (BMIs). It was organized by DOST-FPRDI’s BMI Innovation R&D Program.

The DOST-Forest Products Research and Development Institute (DOST-FPRDI) was recently conferred the Excellence Award during Project HIRANG’s closing and awarding ceremony last 30 October 2020.

HIRANG stands for “Honing Innovations, Research Agreements and Negotiations of Government-funded Technologies”. An internship program under the DOST-Technology Application and Promotion Institute (DOST-TAPI), Project HIRANG aims to boost the skills, network and industry competence of Technology Transfer Officers in DOST’s Research and Development Institutes (RDIs). Among others, it focuses on valuation and licensing agreements, as well as commercializing developed technologies.

In a bid to provide cheap, eco-friendly yet effective face masks for the public, the DOST- Forest Products Research and Development Institute (DOST-FPRDI), in partnership with Quanta Paper Marketing Inc. of Mandaluyong City, is producing disposable face masks made from durable paper towels. The paper towels can also serveas inserts to cloth face masks for added filtration against air-borne contaminants.